Retirement strategies

Everyone aspires to a comfortable life when they retire. But to make these dreams a reality, it is essential to start planning as early as possible.

There are a variety of pension schemes available to savers, but the rules that relate to pensions can be complex.

Whether you are already an existing pension holder or you are looking to increase your retirement savings, we can offer no-nonsense, sound retirement planning advice.

By taking an overview of your wealth strategy, our colleagues at Grunberg Wealth Management can provide pensions, savings and investment advice to help ensure you have the right plans in place to enjoy your retirement to the full.

Individuals reaching retirement age also need to give careful consideration to what they leave their friends, family and loved ones after they are gone.

Inheritance Tax may mean that your wealth cannot be fully passed on, which is why it is also important to manage your estate in a tax-efficient manner through careful planning in later life.

Finally, if you own a business or a significant shareholding within a company you may want to consider succession planning so that you aren’t heavily taxed on the eventual sale or transfer of your shares and assets.

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