Workers dislike the nine-to-five day

Almost 9 in 10 adults are either working flexibly or say they want to, according to a study.
Timewise, which advises businesses on adopting flexible working patterns, polled 3,001 adults, including jobseekers, the employed and part-time workers.
It found 91% of women and 84% of men in full-time employment either want flexible working or currently enjoy flexible working.
Younger workers expressed the most interest in flexible working, with flexible working either wanted or used by 92% of respondents aged between 18 and 34 years old.
The main reasons why people wanted to work more flexibly were:

  • work/life balance
  • commuting issues
  • leisure or study interests
  • caring responsibilities.

Some of the types of flexible working favourable to employees include flexible hours and working from home as well as the ability to choose their shifts.
1 in 4 full-time employees said they would prefer to work part-time for part-time wages, while 93% of jobseekers either want to get a part-time or flexible role.
Karen Mattison, joint chief executive at Timewise, said:
“Flexible working is of very high importance to individuals and it’s become business as usual for companies, but if you look at the jobs market, people are trapped by the inflexibility
“Getting flexibility right will be an imperative for employers who want to attract and keep the best possible people at a time of skills shortages.”
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