UK exports increased following Brexit referendum

Demand for UK goods and services increased following the EU referendum in 2016, according to the latest research.
Exports have reached record levels even as the country saw significant economic uncertainty in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.
The Department for International Trade (DIT) revealed that all four of the UK’s countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, have seen export growth in the year ending in the second quarter of 2019.
As a result, the demand for UK goods has now increased for four years in a row. The British economy grew faster in the three years since the Brexit vote than it grew in the three years prior to the vote in June 2016.
The data shows that exports in England grew to £252 billion, with Scotland growing to £34 billion, Wales to £17.7 billion and Northern Ireland to £9.1 billion.
London and the East Midlands contributed significantly to driving growth in England according to the DIT report, with exports in London rising by 10.1 per cent, and exports in the East Midlands rising by 9.3 per cent.
Liz Truss, Secretary of State for International Trade, said: “Opening up new markets for British businesses across the country is a top priority of mine, and today’s statistics show businesses are benefiting more than ever from global trade.”
The Government recently announced the introduction of a new export strategy to support businesses and improve the appeal of British security goods and services. The DIT stated that the strategy will ensure that UK firms “remain at the forefront of growing global demand for security exports”.
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