Towards a new future – The growing importance of technology

For decades technology has continued to play an ever-greater role in human endeavours and perhaps this has been felt most keenly within the world of business, trade and commerce.

Although the ‘rise of the machine’ has been gradual and evolutionary, in most cases, many professions now stand at the edge of a new future, where technology will play an integral role within their operations.

The accountancy profession, and the businesses that we support, are among those leading the charge towards a new future – driven in part by legislative change through policies such as Making Tax Digital.

As a firm, we believe we are at the vanguard of this advancement and have already implemented a wide range of apps and software to support clients – with many more innovations planned soon.

Our solutions reflect the growing needs of our client, whether it is assistance with international payments for our growing global audience or assistance with the creation of dedicated e-commerce platforms – our team are ready for the challenge.


Despite the possibilities that technology affords us, there are also fears from some camps about its impact on the human element of our economy.

While technology can help to lift the load through automation and data reconciliation, in our vision of the future, the human professional will continue to play a critical role in the delivery of accountancy and tax services.

For us technology is a tool, that lifts the load off computations and data analysis so that our team can focus on providing advice, support and insights that add value to our clients’ businesses and lives.

We are fully embracing the opportunities that technology affords us and our clients – always looking at new developments and software that improve our overall level of service.


Through our Business Systems Manager, Raz Miah, and our wider team we are continuing to strike up new relationships with some of our industry’s leading software providers to ensure our clients have access to the best solutions, and the training and support required to make effective use of them.

We are also working alongside a number of tech companies to help them develop their own solutions, and creating innovations that will help to unlock new opportunities for more businesses.

Everyone at the firm is very excited about the potential that technology may bring to our industry and the support that it offers our clients.

In the months ahead we hope to share more news with you about innovations we are introducing that are designed to reduce the strain on you and your business, while delivering key insights that make the decision-making process easier and more informed.

If you would like to learn more about our tech advisory services, please contact us or click here.


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