Top TV production accountant reflects on our work as their accountant

Grunberg & Co - Accountants London

An accountancy firm behind major productions for the BBC, Sky, Discovery and Amazon has talked about their choice of our team as there experts for complex queries.

Kamla Claire founded Media Accountants Ltd in 2008, following a successful career as a specialist TV production accountant.

When she was looking for an accountant to assist with an audit for a client, she knew what the right firm would need to be capable of.

Picking up the story, she said: “They have over the years assisted us with audit, accounting and tax advice as well as providing a payroll service to support our own expertise in the field of media.

“Grunberg & Co has a wealth of knowledge so I feel they have offered so much over the 16 years I have dealt with the firm, both with and prior to me setting up Media Accountants.

“It has not just been the odd thing here and there, as I can genuinely say that over the years there has been a huge amount that they have added to my business.

“Over the time I have worked with Grunberg & Co I have recommended them to numerous clients of mine and I will continue to do so.”

Robert Bean, our Managing Partner at Grunberg & Co, said: “We have loved working with Media Accountants Ltd. Coming from a similar profession we speak the same language, but what they do is slightly more glamorous than our own work can be at times.

“This kind of relationship shows that even the most capable business needs a hand from time to time and we are delighted that Kamla and her team are able to call on us.”