Portland was founded in 2001 by Tim Allan, following a career spanning the worlds of political and business communications.

Prior to founding the firm Tim had held influential positions working for Tony Blair in Opposition and then in 10 Downing Street, initially as a key media adviser during the successful 1997 general election campaign and then as Deputy Press Secretary during the early years of the Blair government.

However, when setting up his own business he knew he wanted a no-nonsense firm of accountants who understood the needs of a new, but influential communications business.

“Grunberg & Co was involved from the very start of the business, before it had even been officially launched. I had been speaking with a friend and they recommended the firm, as they said they had the know-how to start a business successfully.

“They were very helpful as we got the business off the ground and they talked us through all of the necessary processes in a straightforward manner.

“What initially stood out to us was that they weren’t a flashy office. We didn’t want a big flashy accountant; we wanted a firm that was professional and good value for money, with experience of working with our sector.

“From the very beginning they were exactly that, professional and friendly – in fact, I found their small, but interesting, office very reassuring.

“I had studied accounts but at the time of launching the business I didn’t know much about the detailed accounting treatments in our sector, and they were there to help us.

“Alain and the team went above and beyond to ensure our needs as a company and my own needs were met.

“Grunberg & Co is what you want when you are starting out and growing, which is why I would be happy to suggest them to others in our profession.”