Start trusting your cash flow again with Float Cashflow Forecasting

Do you need a clearer insight into your cash flow? Float Cashflow Forecasting is a Xero-integrated tool that provides easy-to-understand cash flow projections for agencies.

It helps agency owners make decisions based on real-time cash flow management, allowing them to grow and scale their agencies with confidence.

Float Cashflow Forecasting enables you to:

  • Easily understand and manage your numbers with a clear, precise view of what’s happening with your agency’s cash based on real-time information
  • Run scenarios based on your current and future cash position
  • Streamline cash flow management across multiple projects
  • Spot cash fluctuations in advance
  • Automatically import all invoices and bills from Xero to track against your projections

Are you interested in using Float Cashflow Forecasting to improve your cash flow management? Speak to us today.

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