Rumours that UK is exploring possibility of joining trans-pacific partnership

Reports suggest that the UK Government is exploring the possibility of Britain joining the Trans Pacific-Partnership (TPP) after Brexit.

With the UK set to formally leave the bloc in March 2019, ministers have been engaging in informal talks which could see Britain join the 11-country strong TPP in the near future, a report in BBC News suggests.

A potential deal could see the UK become the first member of the Partnership which does not border the Pacific Ocean or the South China Sea. The group’s 11 existing members include Australia, Japan, Mexico and Canada.

In a recent interview with The Financial Times, Trade Minister Greg Hands was keen to point out that there is currently no “geographical restriction” in force preventing the UK from joining hands with far-away trade groups to form “plurilateral relationships.”

In addition, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has indicated that the move could be a very real possibility – but that the UK ought to closely examine how the trade group has evolved since the USA’s exit from it before taking any further action.

Critics of the potential move, including ex-Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, have described the idea as “pie-in-the-sky thinking,” while others have said that Britain may struggle to strike an attractive deal with the TPP.

Meanwhile, those in favour have said that the move could pave the way for fresh trade opportunities for Britain during a turbulent time in its political history.  

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