New cybersecurity toolkit can prevent 85 per cent of attacks, experts claim

A new cybersecurity toolkit for small businesses has been launched to help businesses deal with the increasing number of cyberattacks.
The toolkit, built by the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) in collaboration with UK regulator Action Fraud, is designed to “reduce the cyber risks businesses face on a daily basis”.
The scheme comes after research revealed that almost half (49 per cent) of businesses have experienced economic crime in the past two years. Around 31 per cent of these reports relate to cybercrime.
According to GCA, the cybersecurity toolkit arms small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with basic security controls and guidance.
Implementing just five basic controls – which include inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices, inventory of authorized and unauthorized software, secure configurations for hardware and software, continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation, controlled use of administrative privileges – can reduce the risk of a cyber-attack by some 85 per cent, claims GCA.
Commenting on business cybersecurity, corporate fraud specialist John Pescatore said: “Very often that first step points to basic security hygiene.
“When you look at enterprises who know what’s on their network from a hardware and software point of view, who know what vulnerabilities exist, who take steps to make sure they’re managing configurations and limiting privileges, they’re the ones that usually don’t show up in the news for having a major security incident.”
The GCA cybersecurity toolkit can be found here.

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