London ranked in top tier on global business leaderboard

The City of London has received a high ranking on yet another business leaderboard, this time suggesting that Britain’s capital is one of the best cities in the world for economic competitiveness.
The leaderboard, which has been collated by a group of 25 international corporations including Deutsche Bank and Accenture, ranked cities across the globe on their competitiveness and inclusivity – the two of which study authors believe are very closely linked.
According to the report, entitled Open for Business, cities such as London, which are incredibly diverse and LGBT inclusive, are the best breeding ground for businesses.
Likewise, organisations that are more inclusive are simultaneously in a better position to boost their global competitiveness and improve in-house innovation due to their greater concentration of talent.
The Open for Business report unveiled the most inclusive cities all over the world, ranking London among other global leaders such as New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm and San Francisco.
Meanwhile, cities such as Cairo and Tehran ranked low in terms of inclusiveness, while Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Hanoi and Barcelona ranked well, but not quite as high as London.
Similarly to credit check reports, cities were ranked in tiers, which spanned from AAA to A for those deemed “fully open for business” and DDD to E for those less so.
London earned the top ‘AAA’ rating in the survey.
Commenting on the results, a spokesperson on behalf of the Mayor of London, said: “Sadiq [Khan] is determined to ensure all Londoners can share in the capital’s success and to create an economy which works for everyone, regardless of their religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or background.
“He is working hard to break down barriers that too often prevent some people from accessing opportunities as well as acting on issues that matter to the LGBT+ community all year round.”

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