Grunberg & Co welcomes new talents

Mummun Chowdhury

Grunberg & Co is thrilled to announce the addition of three outstanding professionals to our team – Mummun Chowdhury, James Thomson and Shirley Chan.

Joining us as Tax Manager, Mummun brings over a decade of accountancy experience. Her expertise spans tax planning, personal tax, corporate tax, and VAT. Mummun’s academic background in Applied Accounting, along with her ACCA (Partly Qualified), AFA, MIPA, and BA (Hons) qualifications, provide her with a profound understanding of tax principles.

Her approach to work is both inspiring and motivating, focusing on fostering a collaborative and communicative environment. Mummun is dedicated to her continual professional development, aiming to complete her ACCA and CTA qualifications.

Notably, she’s also an accomplished communicator in British and Bangla sign language and has made significant contributions to charity, particularly in supporting individuals with hearing disabilities in Bangladesh.

James Thomson

We are also thrilled to welcome James to our team as Tax Manager. James brings a unique blend of expertise and dedication, being CTA qualified and holding a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry.

His specialisation lies in handling complex tax issues for high-net-worth individuals, trusts, and estates. James is renowned for his commitment to delivering superior quality work, a trait consistently reflected in the glowing feedback from his clients and colleagues.

As a highly dedicated manager, James excels in navigating the intricacies of advisory tax cases, particularly those with niche aspects. His exceptional research skills and adaptability enable him to tackle the most challenging scenarios.

Moreover, James has a proven track record of actively pursuing opportunities to bring new work into firms, showcasing his initiative and business development acumen. We’re excited to see how his expertise and proactive approach will contribute to our team’s success.

Shirley Chan

Our new Audit & Accounts Senior, Shirley Chan, brings a rich background with seven and a half years of experience in auditing, mainly from Hong Kong. Specialising in the retail and property sectors, Shirley is known for her clear goal-setting, methodical problem-solving, and effective solution implementation.

Her trilingual proficiency in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English enhances her ability to manage diverse clients and complex projects.

Shirley’s impressive career includes extensive audit work across Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Malaysia – her contributions to companies listing on the US Nasdaq market are particularly noteworthy.

A Bright Future at Grunberg & Co

With Mummun and Shirley on board, Grunberg & Co strengthens its position as a leading firm in the accountancy field.

Their diverse skills, experience, and innovative approaches to their work will undoubtedly contribute to our continued success and growth.

We warmly welcome Mummun and Shirley to the Grunberg family and look forward to their contributions in making our firm even more robust and dynamic.

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