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Crypto tax and accounting advisory services

With a pragmatic, innovation-led approach we are changing how the crypto market complies with the rules surrounding tax and finances, while also guiding key stakeholders to make more of the money (be it digital or traditional) that they earn.

We want to make crypto tax and accounting simple, jargon-free and automated – saving you time, alleviating stress and boosting your income.

How we help

Achieving goals and growth for innovators – Every individual or business will have unique aspirations when it comes to cryptoassets. We take the time to understand these before we offer practical guidance and support to make sure our services and your goals are aligned.

Automated from the start – The service we provide offers an automated approach via the cloud that makes it quicker, easier and less stressful to collate the information required to produce accurate and effective tax records and returns.

Secure and safe – By utilising the latest cloud technology we can ensure your data and information is always safe and accessible – offering you peace of mind that your interests are protected.

Expertise on tap – Supported by a team of more than 80 accountants and tax experts at Grunberg & Co, plus hundreds of other professionals worldwide through our association with Reanda International, we can provide you with access to the expertise you need.

Future Ready – We are constantly looking for the next great innovation, whether it is developments in the Metaverse or new forms of crypotassets, our team have a passion for learning about the latest technology so that they can provide relevant and up to date guidance.

Due Diligence – We can help you to review and audit your activity on the cryptoasset markets in line with the latest regulations and tax requirements.

Our Partners

Here to guide you

The growth of the cryptoasset markets has been meteoric. However, many investors, miners, traders and platforms simply don’t have access to the advice they need when it comes to taxation and accounting.

Although many cryptoasset investors, miners, traders and platforms are becoming more tax-savvy it never hurts to brush up on your knowledge and ensure you remain compliant.

To help you get to grips with the taxation of cryptoassets and the requirements of businesses and individuals, we have produced a comprehensive guide to help you out.

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Who we collaborate with

We work with a wide range of individuals working within or alongside the world of cryptoassets, such as:




NFT creators and artists


Family offices

Web 3.0 businesses

Professional advisers


Property Professionals

We have blockchain technology partners around the globe ready to offer guidance and assistance.

Our team

If you are trading, mining or investing in cryptoassets you need accountants and tax advisers that understand the market and your needs.

At the heart of our service is our team of passionate professionals:

Peter McMahon

Tax Partner
Phone020 8458 0083
020 8458 0783
Peter McMahon

Tax Partner

Supporting clients to make more of their money and assisting with complex HMRC enquiries

Approach to work

I enjoy working with the vast variety of clients that we have and the firm’s ethos is in tune with my values and mission to deliver outstanding tax advice.

As a team, we are fully committed to the tax wellbeing of our clients and pride ourselves on not just dealing with taxation, but also helping our clients to realise their dreams and aspirations.

I work with my fellow Partners, looking at various tax planning ideas for our clients to minimise and mitigate tax wherever possible.

I also help my clients with their day-to-day tax compliance and administration needs in the ever more complex world of tax, including implementing tax strategies and tax planning solutions.

Alongside this work, I am highly experienced when it comes to assisting clients with complex tax enquiries and have helped numerous businesses and individuals with their dealings with HM Revenue and Customs.

My practice also includes trust and estate compliance and administration, implementing and advising on company share schemes and employee remuneration packages.

My clients come from a full range of sectors, size and location, although my practice has a particular focus on SMEs and owner-managed businesses.

I joined Grunberg & Co in 2005 and was made a Partner in 2011. My career began as an accountant but I soon realised that the world of taxation is where my heart belongs and I decided to pursue a career as a Chartered Tax Adviser.
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With innovation engrained in all that they do, they are ready to help you make the most of the opportunities offered by cryptoassets.

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If you would like to see full details of our data practices please visit our Privacy Policy and if you have any questions please email contact@grunberg.co.uk.