Doing Business in the UK

The UK has always been, and remains, a wonderful place in which to do business, offering fantastic opportunities to access a domestic market of approximately 64 million people and other nations, through its well-deserved reputation as an international trading hub.

Traditionally the UK was world-renowned for being at the forefront of manufacturing and innovation, and this reputation has not declined. It now sits at the centre of finance, technology, life sciences and the creative industries, in part thanks to its generous tax regime and the ease by which a company can be formed.

At Grunberg & Co we have helped numerous overseas companies establish a base in the UK and we can assist you in taking full advantage of the reliefs and benefits available to you.

Our experienced team can assist in ensuring that all the administrative tasks are handled efficiently and compliantly, while ensuring that your new enterprise is compliant with UK tax and is structured in a way to limit liabilities.

By working with our accountants, tax and business advisors we can take the stress out of setting up a UK business, so that you and your management team can focus on running and expanding your business.

While this guide is fairly comprehensive, professional advice should always be sought when looking to enter the UK market. If you would like support with establishing a business in the UK then we will be happy to discuss your plans and advise on your unique situation.

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