British workers miss out on £1.8 billion of paid annual leave

British workers miss out on almost £1.8 billion a year in paid holiday leave, a major study has revealed.
The research forms part of the Government’s new campaign aiming to remind workers and their employers of rights to paid statutory leave.
According to the report, published in collaboration with Unpaid Britain, people who work atypically – such as agency workers, temporary staff, shift staff and part-time staff – are most at risk of missing out on paid annual leave, a legal statutory right in the UK.
The study also reveals that almost half of total unpaid wages in the UK (£3.1 billion) can be attributed to unpaid holiday pay.
Agency workers, meanwhile, are missing out on around £4.5 billion a year, of which over half is attributed to unpaid holiday pay.
Commenting on the figures, the report author said: “There is effectively no state agency enforcing holiday pay regulations. The evidence suggests that the unpaid amount is as large as non-compliance with the minimum wage. I recommend HMRC, or another state body, be given responsibility for regulating holiday pay.”
Launching the new campaign, Business Minister Paul Scully urged employers to check that staff are taking their leave as required.
“We want Britain to be the best place in the world to work, and all workers, regardless of the hours they do, should receive the paid time off they are entitled to,” he said.
“Entitlement to paid annual leave from day 1 in a job is just one of many measures the government has in place to ensure we can all balance work with our personal lives.”
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