Britain’s biggest brands among employers identified to have paid less than the legal minimum wage

Card Factory and Home Bargains are among the 239 employers to have been found to have paid staff less than the National Minimum and Living Wage.
In its latest employment roundup, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has published, publically, the names of all employers found to have disregarded their legal duties.
The figures show that £1.44 million in back pay has been identified for 22,400 workers, with the offending employers fined an additional £1.97 million.
The tax office said businesses were mistakenly taking deductions from wages for costs such as uniforms, as well as underpaying apprentices and failing to pay for time spent travelling between work-related locations.
Other reasons included misusing the accommodation offset and using the wrong time periods for calculating pay.
Today’s figures add to the Government’s five-year campaign against employers failing to pay the legal minimum wage. In total, more than 1,900 employers have been “named and shamed” and fined a sum of £8.4 million as 90,000 workers reclaimed what they were owed.
The National Minimum Wage increased again in April, from £7.50 to £7.83 for workers over the age of 25.
Business Minister Andrew Griffiths said: “Our priority is making sure workers know their rights and are getting the pay they worked hard for. Employers who don’t do the right thing face fines as well as being hit with the bill for backpay.
“The UK’s lowest paid workers have had the fastest wage growth in 20 years thanks to the introduction of the National Living Wage and today’s list serves as a reminder to all employers to check they are getting their workers’ pay right.”

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