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Extraordinary Editions Ltd

"Grunberg & Co have been our accountants & financial advisers since we set up the business. They are very efficient & professional. We have received much good advice that has helped us to grow."

Martin Morgan

James Glancy Design Ltd

"David Grunberg and his firm have been offering me advice for nearly 30 years. This relationship began when I was as a sole trader at my dining room table and has continued to the present day. It now involves David and his team helping James Glancy Design, a limited company employing 25 people. It has always been most enjoyable association………. if you ignore the dodgy jokes!"

James Glancy

Landview Properties Ltd

"Grunberg & Co. have looked after my personal and corporate tax affairs for over ten years.  I am very impressed with the service provided by David and his team, not only because of the quality of advice they provide, but equally, their proactive approach. They are a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is looking for an accountancy firm to work alongside them."

Scott Franklin

Jenny Packham (London) Limited

"Jenny Packham (London) Limited has been working closely with Grunberg & Co. since 1996. In that time, our company has enjoyed a very close working relationship with senior partners and their specialists in accounting procedures, all of whom have shown total commitment and dedication to our companies requirements. Grunberg continue to update us on relevant accounting practices and keep us informed of changes that have a direct impact on our business.

An essential part of running any business is concerned with maintaining the highest standards of probity and financial transparency – working with Grunberg & Co.,  Jenny Packham (London) Limited has been expertly guided to ensure our accounting practice is, and continues to be, of the highest possible standard."

Matthew Anderson

Magenta Star Ltd

"Grunberg & Co are thoroughly professional but easy to do business with. David explains complicated accounting procedures in a simple format. He has the interest of his clients at heart, is innovative and looks at the bigger picture, understanding the business we operate."

Alison Berneye and Nick Richardson, Managing Directors

Nugent Partnership

"I have been working with Alain Stechler a partner of Grunberg & Co for over 20 years and in this time I have received nothing but first class service from Alain, all the other partners and staff. I have experienced that Grunberg & Co take a long term view with all their clients.

Although we have gone though some difficult trading years Grunberg have taken this on board and we have worked very closely together which has been a great support. Though out all our difficulties Grunberg have continued to give a first class service."

Harry Nugent

Peter East Associates Ltd

"As the business of Peter East Associates has grown, we have used more of the services that are available from Grunberg. The Grunberg payroll service removes a monthly administrative burden, and has saved us a lot of time. The tax department has helped  us navigate through the complexities of corporation tax, and we have also used the tax department for shareholder related issues.
The difference with Grunberg is that the partners understand their clients' businesses  - this makes the advice focused on the issues facing small and medium sized businesses."
Nicholas Mohr, Director


''How could I ever start to tell you or anybody else what a fantastic company you all are. Over many years you and everybody else have always had my best interests.  David thank you and you all so very much to always being there.’’

Bruce Ross-Dreher

Golden Goose PR

Golden Goose launched in 2003, and we are the only consumer PR agency to win a Cannes Gold Lion for media relations, and possibly the only one to be awarded Best International PR campaign two years in a row by the PRCA in spite of our size, as we are small team that is made up of senior consultants who are among the most experienced in the industry 

We first started working with Grunberg & Co in 2005, following a recommendation from a contact that had used them.

The initial meeting with Alain Stechler made us feel like we could not be in safer hands and our first impressions have since been confirmed by the excellent services provided to us.

Grunberg & Co handle our entire book keeping, payroll, personal and business requirements.

In the past they have also provided advice at times that I have considered a sale or merger, but every time I have always preferred to maintain 100% ownership of the business

I bought my business partner out in 2011, and Grunberg & Co was extremely helpful to both of us in terms of advice and consultancy.

If I ever decided that I wanted to bring in a new partner, or consider a merger or sale my first contact would be Grunberg & Co, but right now, everything is running exactly as I want it to for the foreseeable future.

Our working relationship with Alain and the rest of the team is very positive. They always find solutions and Alain has become more of a friend over the years and is one of the few people I trust implicitly in matters of business. My day-to-day accountant, Sharon, is also always helpful. 

What stands out about Grunberg & Co is the hands-on approach of the partners. Even though we are not one of the biggest clients on their books, we know they are always there to help.

I have learned a lot about how to run and grow my business from Grunberg & Co without having to leap into a sale or a merger. I have also had introductions to businesses from Grunberg & Co, who may use our services in the future.

I have been more than happy to recommend them in the past and I will continue to recommend them in future based upon the excellent support they provide.

Miki Haines-Sanger, ‎Founding partner of Golden Goose PR

Good Business Ltd

Good Business Ltd began in 1996 and we have grown to become an international boutique consultancy, working with businesses and foundations around the world. 

Grunberg & Co have been with us from day one and have always been by our side to provide practical, personable advice.

Alain and his team helped us to establish the business and associated businesses and it  has always felt like he wants to work with us to help us to succeed rather simply sell their services.

They continue to provide a wide range of services to our firm, pretty much everything beyond bookkeeping, including advice on personal tax planning.

As with any business we have had some issues, but Alain and Grunberg & Co have always been helpful and there to help us when we needed it.

What is great is that they always have the answer no matter the question and if they can’t provide the solution themselves, they know someone that can. What’s more, the quality of advice provided is second to none.

What I think we get is high quality ‘Big Four’ advice in a personalised, caring way. The ‘Big Four’ just don’t take the time to understand you, but Alain feels like a part of our team and is just as able to do the big stuff, but in a much more personalised way.

Giles Gibbons, CEO of Good Business

Sunrise developments ltd

“Once again how good is Grunberg and Co. Thanks very much for all the years good or bad you as a company have never let me down. Thank you all.”